Firefox autoplay extensions changed again.

It is a pain in the a** to understand why they keep changing these parameters.

As usual, must be to make this "easier" for users!

Starting in Firefox 68, the about:config parameters changed in regards to Firefox's autoplay blocking behavior, with are now:

  • Value 5: Block audio and video
  • Value 1: Block audio
  • Value 0: allow
  • Value True: Block
  • Value False: Allow
  • Value True: Require user interaction
  • Value False: Don't require user interaction
And the following were removed (obsolete):
  • media.autoplay.enabled
  • media.autoplay.allow-muted

UPDATE (for 68.4.1 esr - 64-bit):

1) Adjust these settings:
  • Set media.autoplay.default to 1 to disable video autoplay for all sites
  • Set media.autoplay.allow-muted to false to disable video autoplay even for muted videos
 2) Install "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" by Afnan Khan:

Those changes take effect for any new pages that you open after making the change.