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How to access your old gmail sign in (login) page

Source: Bad Mamma Jamma - Gmail Help Forum - 28 de abr 2017

Many people are having trouble accessing the old gmail login page as the new login page just plain SUX...

Here is what I found and how I access the old login page:

I found out how to get the old login page back.

In the url section of the browser type:

It will warn you this will void your warranty. Just click the blue button to accept.

Then  type, on the search bar:

and double click it to turn it from True to False.

Keep that folder and open a new one (because you will need to return here to set it back to True before you login).

So now click the "+" and open a new folder.

Then try to login to gmail ( you will see the old login page.

Enter your login and then at the password screen (before you type it in and press ENTER), go back to previous folder and return the javascript.enabled to True again (double click). 

If you forget this last step to enable javascript again the next page will say javascript needs to be enabled but you can choose to use the html version which is just as good.

So choose to use Gmail's basic HTML view, which does not require JavaScript or change back the javascript.enabled to True again and choose "try again".

Use that for Google mail login procedure. Just remember to change the about:config parameter back when you need java.

The new gmail login page sucks and yes Google should listen to all of us bickering about it and change it back.

They said they were making it easier for us to sign in. Bullcrap!!! made it harder and more annoying.

Change it back or we all might just quit gmail (ie. look what is happening to youtube - when you don't hear your customers!).

This new sign-in is very annoying to us, costing us time and money.  The new page is neither faster or makes it easier or beneficial for the users.

Back when we the user could put the email and password in the same popup container was more user friendly and is more important to keep our privacy.