quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

Stay away from NOKIA phones.

Please take note and tell your friends:

I will never, ever, buy a Nokia phone again! And I will tell my story to all my family, friends around the world, my social networks, and every time I have a opportunity to "alert" the consumers in lectures that I usually participate.

Bottom line: "KEEP AWAY FROM NOKIA"..

Bought a US$340 C7-00 "brick" in april, 2011, after my E71 was stollen in my last trip to the USA. The new C7-00 worked for 40 days and than I had to send it back for repair because GSM stopped working. After 4 (four) months waiting, I received a "dead" new phone....can you believe this?!?!?!?

I will now buy a android from Samsung or from ZTE.

Just found out that my Nokia serial is for latin america, less Brazil, but sold in a US store, so in Brazil there is no support and in the US there is no support (I got the : "I'm sorry Sir, bla bla bla...).

Very, very unhappy customer.

UPDATE:  June 8th, 2012

This is to let you know (and update my case) that I just received, from NOKIA, a replacement model 701, for my defective phone, more than a year after my phone stopped working.

So I believe that this resolves my complaint with Nokia.

Please note that, other than submitting a complaint, using online complaint form, at www.econsumer.gov, I also did this:

1. I created this blog post telling my story (my problem with Nokia)
2. I registered and wrote my blog link on all Nokia blogs/forums I could find on the WEB
3. found Nokia CEO email on the WEB and I sent him an email complaint
4. I tried to registered many complaint on Nokia support pages (US, Brazil, Latin America, EURO, etc).
5. I called Nokia support (by phone and online) many times to seek a solutions.

But, overall, it is very sad to believe, that the pursuit of my rights requires so much effort.

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