quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

How to stop skype updates ? Answer: you can't... after version 5x.

I'm an old user of skype (one of the first). I am good customer, since I even have a subscription of a skypein line and I buy anually credit for skypeout.

After I read about Skype was sold to M$, I got very worried.  It could be the end of a great VoIP service.

One major problem happened with versions after can't disable the updates.

If you have a prepaid wireless broadband plan or a plan with limits and penalties you need special care with your bandwidth, be aware with this. I bet you don't download every update of every program you have.

Besides, isn’t it our choice which softwares are installed on our computers?

And what do you call a software that does not respect users’ wishes? Malware. From my standpoint, Skype 5x is now malware!

Until Skype "fixes" this (I mean listen to customers), download Skype version from oldapps.com or FileHippo and install it in place of version 5x, and made triple sure that automatic updates are disabled (again).

It hasn’t forcefully updated again so far....


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