terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

How to continue to seed after moving bittorrent files/directories?

Close your bittorrent client (quit or kill the process).

Move all files to new location(s).  Remember to keep same structure for:

new torrents; location to move completed torrents; place to save ".torrents" extension files, and so on.

Run Bittorrent again after moving the files/directories to the new location (new directory) you will notice that the completed torrents will appear with a red "X" (not found).  You can delect all inputs and open each ".torrents" files again or simple select one-by-one and do these steps:

1) Open the torrent file. Select it (one click over it) and Press Stop.
2) Right click the torrent and select Advanced > Set Download Location
3) Choose the location of the files. DO NOT OVERWRITE! Choose "NO".
4) Then right click the torrent again and select Force Re-check.

- NOTE: you may discover that some of your completed torrents are not complete after all, so let them complete.  This might indicate a bug on prior version you used.

5) Then press Start.

You should not rename the file after moving to another location as that would change the hash and it wouldn't seed.

- NOTE: if you cannot complete the "re-check" test (not 100% in status bar) this my indicate that you have renamed something wrong, and it will not work.  Simple solution: just avoid that item (delete from list) or try to correct the misspelled name and repeat the from step 2.

Happy seeding!

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